Game drives
The Reserve has two 10 seater, open but canopied purpose built Landrover gameviewers. These are available, at a charge. Visitors to the Reserve are permitted to use their own vehicles for game drives, along designated drive roads, on the eastern part of the farm. Visitors to Stevensford may use their own vehicle on the western part of the farm provided that a member of staff accompanies the vehicle and use is made of designated game drive roads. The Reserve permits game drives at night, and can supply spot lights, if these are required.

The attraction of Stevensford is that visitors are permitted to step out on your own  on bird or game walks along the roads or game trails. On request the Reserve will be happy to provide visitors with a ranger to accompany a walk; our rangers are knowledgeable and can impart interesting information with regard to animals, animal tracks, vegetation and trees, and the uses thereof, insects and their habits, birds and their habits. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy and explore all reaches of the Reserve, enjoying nature and walking the bird loud riverine banks of the Limpopo.

Bring your own rod and tackle. Who knows, you may even catch dinner. Click here for a check list of fish which can be found in the Limpopo.

Mountain Biking
The many game drives and game trails provide exhilarating opportunity for the mountain biker (who has puncture proof tyres) to roam the Reserve, experience the bush and enjoy close and one on one encounters with flora and fauna.

The proximity of the Limpopo and its dense riverine, the varied inland topography dotted with many pans, is a bird watchers paradise. The lack of predator threat allows for hours of undisturbed walking or quiet observation of the rich bird life.

Hides and Waterholes
The most memorable wildlife events and encounters occur while sitting, quietly, at a hide, close to a waterhole. There are four hides at waterholes offering wonderful stationery game and bird viewing opportunities, sundowner spots and great stops for pony treks or mountain bike excursions.

Star Gazing
The heavens above Stevensford are a must see for any astronomer, amateur or professional. In the absence of light pollution the planets, milky way and the southern hemisphere constellations glitter bright and stark, making for easy identification and study, and lighting the bushveld even on moonless nights.

Target Shooting
The Reserve offers bow and airgun target shooting as well as clay pigeon shotgun target shooting.

Each boma is equipped with a dart board and darts.

The reservoir, which is kept sparkling clean, offers a wonderful place to cool down and watch the clouds or game that may stroll by.


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