Notes to the Stevensford Game Reserve Bird Checklist

  • The observations for this checklist were carried out by Pierre and Hamish Hofmeyr during a series of visits to Stevensford between 1993 and 2015, and in 2003 while Hamish was manager of the Game Reserve.
  • Thereafter the list has been updated by Pierre Hofmeyr during visits to the Reserve.
  • The list is by no means complete and many more species will be added to the list in the future.
  • The numbers and the order of species used in this checklist follow the sixth edition of Roberts’ Birds of Southern Africa and serves as a reference to most fieldguides of the region. The names are those used in the Sasol Guide to the Birds of Southern Africa by Sinclair and Hockey.
  • The probable frequency of sightings refers to the correct seasons for particular birds (whether residents or migrants) and to areas of suitable habitat.
  • Species which are secretive (eg. Yellowbellied Bulbul) or difficult to identify with certainty (eg. firefinches) have undoubtedly been under-recorded.
  • The species listed under POSSIBLE have not been recorded yet on Stevensford but according to the Bird Atlas of Botswana have been recorded for the area so they should be looked for on Stevensford.
  • The meanings and definitions of the abbreviations used under STATUS are as follows:
    • VC =  very common (can be expected to be seen every day at least once at the right time of year in suitable habitat)
    • C =  common (can be expected to be seen on most days at the right time of the year in suitable habitat)
    • U =  uncommon (can be expected to be seen a few times a month at the right time of the year in suitable habitat)
    • R =  rare (can be expected to be seen a few times a year at the right time of the year in suitable habitat)
  • Undoubtedly as more observations are accumulated the status of many species will change and many species will be transferred from POSSIBLE to RECORDED status.

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S.A.BIRD No. Species Recorded Possible Status
8 Dabchick X R
55 White-breasted Cormorant X   U
58 Reed Cormorant X U
60 African Darter X   C
62 Grey Heron X C
63 Black-headed Heron X   R
64 Goliath Heron X   R
65 Purple Heron    X  
66 Great White Egret X R
67 Little Egret  X   R
68 Yellow-billed Egret X   R
71 Cattle Egret X R
72 Common Squacco Heron X   R
74 Green-backed Heron X C
76 Black-crowned Night Heron X   R
77 White-backed Night Heron X   R
78 Little Bittern  X   R
79 Dwarf Bittern X R
81 Hamerkop X   C
83 White Stork X U
84 Black Stork X   R
85 Abdims Stork X   R
86 Woolly-necked Stork X R
87 African Open-billed Stork X   R
88 Saddle-billed Stork X U
89 Marabou Stork X   R
90 Yellow-billed Stork X C
91 Sacred Ibis    X  
93 Glossy Ibis   X  
94 Hadeda Ibis X   VC
95 African Spoonbill X R
99 White-faced Duck X   R
100 Fulvous Duck   X  
101 White-backed Duck   X  
102 Egyptian Goose X VC
104 Yellow-billed Duck    X  
105 African Black Duck X   R
108 Red-billed Teal X R
112 Cape Shoveler   X  
115 Knob-billed Duck  X   U
116 Spur-winged Goose X R
118 Secretarybird X   R
121 Hooded Vulture   X  
122 Cape Vulture X   R
123 White-backed Vulture X C
124 Lappet-faced Vulture X   R
125 White-headed Vulture   X  
126 Yellow-billed Kite X   U
  Black Kite   X  
127 Black-shouldered Kite X   R
131 Black Eagle   X  
132 Tawny Eagle X R
133 Steppe Eagle X   R
134 Lesser Spotted Eagle X   R
135 Wahlbergs Eagle X   C
136 Booted Eagle   X  
137 African Hawk Eagle X   R
140 Martial Eagle X R
142 Brown Snake Eagle X   R
143 Black-breasted Snake Eagle X   R
146 Bataleur X   U
148 African Fish Eagle X   C
149 Steppe Buzzard X   R
152 Jackal Buzzard   X  
154 Lizard Buzzard   X  
156 Ovambo Sparrowhawk X   R
157 Little Sparrowhawk X   R
158 Black Sparrowhawk   X  
159 Little Banded Goshawk X   R
160 African Goshawk   X  
161 Gabar Goshawk X   U
162 Pale Chanting Goshawk X   R
163 Dark Chanting Goshawk X   R
166 Montagu's Harrier   X  
167 Pallid Harrier X   R
169 Gymnogene X   R
172 Lanner Falcon   X  
173  European Hobby   X  
179 Western Redfooted Kestrel X   R
181 Rock Kestrel   X  
182 Greater Kestrel   X  
183 Lesser Kestrel   X  
188 Coqui Francolin   X  
189 Crested Francolin X   VC
196 Natal Francolin X   VC
199 Swainson's Francolin X   C
201 Harlequin Quail   X  
203 Helmeted Guineafowl X   VC
205 Kurrichane Buttonquail X   R
211 Corncrake   X  
213 Black Crake X   U
223 Purple Gallinule   X  
226 Common Moorhen   X  
227 Lesser  Moorhen   X  
228 Red-knobbed Coot   X  
229 African Finfoot X   R
230 Kori Bustard X   R
237 Red-crested Korhaan X   VC
240 African Jacana X   R
242 Painted Snipe X   R
245 Common Ringed Plover   X  
246 White-fronted Plover   X  
248 Kittlitz's Plover   X  
249 Three-banded Plover X   VC
252 Caspian Plover   X  
255 Crowned Plover X   VC
258 Blacksmith Plover X   C
259 White-crowned Plover   X  
260 Wattled Plover   X  
264 Common Sandpiper X   VC
266 Wood Sandpiper X   VC
269 Marsh Sandpiper X   U
270 Common Greenshank X   R
272 Curlew Sandpiper   X  
274 Little Stint   X  
284 Ruff   X  
295 Black-winged Stilt X   R
297 Spotted Dikkop X   R
298 Water Dikkop X   C
300 Temminck's Courser   X  
302 Three-banded Courser X   R
303 Bronze-winged Courser X   R
339 White-winged Tern   X  
344 Namaqua Sandgrouse   X  
345 Burchell's Sandgrouse   X  
347 Double-banded Sandgrouse X   U
348 Feral Pigeon X   R
349 Rock Pigeon   X  
352 Red-eyed Dove X   VC
353 African Mourning Dove   X  
354 Cape Turtle Dove X   VC
355 Laughing Dove X   VC
356 Namaqua Dove X   C
358 Green-spotted Dove X   VC
361 African Green Pigeon X   R
364 Meyer's Parrot X   R
373 Grey Lourie X   VC
374 European Cuckoo   X  
375 African Cuckoo   X  
377 Red-chested Cuckoo X   C
378 Black Cuckoo X   C
380 Great Spotted Cuckoo X   U
381 Striped Cuckoo X   U
382 Jacobin Cuckoo X   C
385 Klaas' Cuckoo X   U
386 Diederik Cuckoo X   VC
391 Burchell's Coucal X   C
392 Barn Owl X   R
396 African Scops Owl X   U
397 White-faced Owl X   R
398 Pearl-spotted Owl X   VC
401 Spotted Eagle Owl X   R
402 Giant Eagle Owl X   U
403 Pel's Fishing Owl X   R
405 Fiery-necked Nightjar X   U
406 Rufous-cheeked Nightjar X   R
408 Freckled Nightjar   X  
411 Eurasian Swift X   C
415 White-rumped Swift   X  
416 Horus Swift    X  
417 Little Swift X   R
418 Alpine Swift  X   R
421 African Palm Swift X   U
424 Speckled Mousebird X   R
426 Red-faced Mousebird X   C
428 Pied Kingfisher X   VC
429 Giant Kingfisher X   R
431 Malachite Kingfisher X   R
432 African Pygmy Kingfisher X   R
433 Woodland Kingfisher X   VC
435 Brown-hooded Kingfisher X   VC
436 Grey-hooded Kingfisher X   R
437 Striped Kingfisher   X  
S.A.BIRD No. Species Recorded Possible Status
437 Striped Kingfisher   X  
438 European Bee-eater X   VC
440 Blue-cheeked Bee-eater X   R
441 Southern Carmine Bee-eater X   U
443 White-fronted Bee-eater X   VC
444 Little Bee-eater X   C
445 Swallow-tailed Bee-eater X   U
446 European Roller X   R
447 Lilac-breasted Roller X   VC
449 Purple Roller X   C
450 Broad-billed Roller X   R
451 African Hoopoe X   VC
452 Red-billed Woodhoopoe X   VC
454 Greater Scimitarbill X   C
457 Grey Hornbill X   VC
458 Red-billed Hornbill X   VC
459 Southern Yellowbilled Hornbill X   VC
463 Ground Hornbill X   R
464 Black-collared Barbet   X  
465 Acacia Pied Barbet X   VC
473 Crested Barbet X   VC
474 Greater Honeyguide X   R
476 Lesser Honeyguide X   U
478 Sharp-billed Honeyguide   X  
481 Bennett's Woodpecker X   R
483 Golden-tailed Woodpecker X   VC
486 Cardinal Woodpecker X   C
487 Bearded Woodpecker X   U
493 Monotonous Lark X   R
494 Rufous-naped Lark X   R
498 Sabota Lark X   VC
505 Dusky Lark X   U
515 Chestnut-backed Finchlark X   R
516 Grey-backed Finchlark   X  
518 European Swallow X   VC
520 White-throated Swallow X   R
522 Wire-tailed Swallow X   R
523 Pearl-breasted Swallow   X  
524 Red-breasted Swallow X   C
526 Greater Striped Swallow   X  
527 Lesser Striped Swallow X   C
529 Rock Martin   X  
530 Common House Martin X   U
531 Grey-rumped Swallow   X  
533 Brown-throated Martin X   R
538 Black Cuckooshrike X   U
539 White-breasted Cuckooshrike   X  
541 Fork-tailed Drongo X   VC
543 European Golden Oriole   X  
544 African Golden Oriole   X  
545 Eastern Black-headed Oriole X   VC
547 Black Crow   X  
548 Pied Crow X   R
552 Ashy Tit   X  
554 Southern Black Tit X   VC
558 Grey Penduline Tit X   R
560 Arrow-marked Babbler X   VC
563 Southern Pied Babbler X   U
567 African Red-eyed Bulbul   X  
568 Black-eyed Bulbul X   U
569 Terrestrial Bulbul X   U
574 African Yellow-bellied Bulbul X   VC
576 Kurrichane Thrush X   VC
580 Groundscraper Thrush X   R
587 Capped Wheatear   X  
589 Familiar Chat   X  
595 Southern Anteating Chat   X  
599 Heuglin's Robin X   U
602 African White-throated Robin X   VC
613 White-browed Robin X   VC
615 Kalahari Robin X   R
619 Garden Warbler    X  
620 Common Whitethroat   X  
621 Chestnut-vented Titbabbler X   U
625 Icterine Warbler   X  
626 Olivetree Warbler   X  
628 Great Reed Warbler   X  
633 European Marsh Warbler   X  
643 Willow Warbler X   C
645 Bar-throated Apalis   X  
651 Long-billed Crombec X   C
653 Yellow-bellied Eremomela X   R
656 Burnt-necked Eremomela X   U
657 Grey-backed Bleating  Warbler X   VC
658 African Barred Warbler X   VC
672 Rattling Cisticola X   U
681 Neddicky   X  
683 Tawny-flanked Prinia X   VC
685 Black-chested Prinia X   U
689 Spotted Flycatcher X   VC
691 Blue-grey Flycatcher X   R
693 Fan-tailed Flycatcher X   U
694 Southern Black Flycatcher   X  
695 Marico Flycatcher X   U
696 Pallid Flycatcher X   R
697 Chat Flycatcher X   R
698 Fiscal Flycatcher X   R
701 Chinspot Batis X   VC
706 Fairy Flycatcher   X  
710 African Paradise Flycatcher X   VC
711 African Pied Wagtail X   VC
713 Cape Wagtail X   R
716 Grassveld Pipit   X  
717 Long-billed Pipit   X  
719 Buffy Pipit   X  
722 Tree Pipit   X  
723 Bushveld Pipit   X  
731 Lesser Grey Shrike X   R
732 Common Fiscal Shrike   X  
733 Red-backed Shrike X   VC
735 African Long-tailed Shrike X   U
737 Tropical Boubou X   VC
739 Crimson-breasted Shrike X   VC
740 Black-backed Puffback X   VC
741 Brubru X   C
743 Three-streaked Tchagra X   C
744 Black-crowned Tchagra   X  
748 Orange-breasted Bush Shrike X   VC
751 Grey-headed Bush Shrike X   C
753 White Helmetshrike X   C
754 Red-billed Helmetshrike X   R
756 Southern White-crowned Shrike X   C
760 Wattled Starling X   U
761 Plum-coloured Starling X   VC
762 Burchell's  Starling X   R
763 Meves' Long-tailed  Starling X   VC
764  Glossy Starling X   VC
765 Greater Blue-eared Starling   X  
769 Red-winged Starling   X  
772 Red-billed Oxpecker X   U
779 Marico Sunbird X   VC
787 White-bellied Sunbird X   VC
792 African Black Sunbird   X  
793 Collared Sunbird X   R
796 Cape White-eye   X  
797 Yellow White-eye X   R
798 Red-billed Buffalo Weaver X   VC
799 White-browed Sparrow-weaver X   VC
801 House Sparrow    X  
802 Great Sparrow X   R
803 Cape Sparrow   X  
804 Southern Grey-headed Sparrow X   VC
805 African Yellow-throated Sparrow X   R
806 Scaly-feathered Finch X   U
810 Spectacled Weaver X   U
811 Spotted-backed Weaver   X  
814 Southern Masked Weaver X   R
815 Lesser Masked Weaver X   R
819 Red-headed Weaver X   C
821 Red-billed Quelea X   C
826 Golden Bishop   X  
829 White-winged Widow   X  
834 Melba Finch X   C
841 Jameson's Firefinch X   R
842 Redbilled Firefinch X   C
844 Blue Waxbill X   VC
845 Violeteared Waxbill X   R
846 Common Waxbill X   R
847 Blackcheeked Waxbill X   C
852 Quail Finch   X  
855 Cut-throat Finch   X  
856 Red-headed Finch X   R
860 Pin-tailed Whydah X   R
861 Shaft-tailed Whydah X   U
862 Eastern Paradise Whydah X   U
867 Steelblue Widowfinch X   R
869 Yellow-eyed Canary X   R
870 Black-throated Canary X   U
884 Golden-breasted Bunting X   C
885 Cape Bunting    X  
886 Cinnamon-breasted Rock Bunting X   R
887 Larklike Bunting X   R

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